Nokia 6700 Classic - Browser security

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Browser security

Security features may be required for some services, such as banking services or online

shopping. For such connections you need security certificates and possibly a security

module, which may be available on your SIM card. For more information, contact your

service provider.
To view or change the security module settings, or to view a list of authority or user

certificates downloaded to your device, select








module sett.


Authority certificates

, or

User certificates


Important: Even if the use of certificates makes the risks involved in remote

connections and software installation considerably smaller, they must be used correctly

in order to benefit from increased security. The existence of a certificate does not offer

any protection by itself; the certificate manager must contain correct, authentic, or

trusted certificates for increased security to be available. Certificates have a restricted

lifetime. If "Expired certificate" or "Certificate not valid yet" is shown, even if the

certificate should be valid, check that the current date and time in your device are

Before changing any certificate settings, you must make sure that you really trust the

owner of the certificate and that the certificate really belongs to the listed owner.