Nokia 6700 Classic - Security

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When security features that restrict calls are in use (such as call barring, closed user

group, and fixed dialling), calls may be possible to the official emergency number

programmed into your device. Call barring and call diverting cannot be active at the

same time.






and from the following:

PIN code request or UPIN code request — to request for your PIN or UPIN code every

time the phone is switched on. Some SIM cards do not allow the code request to be

turned off.

Call barring service — to restrict incoming calls to and outgoing calls from your phone

(network service). A barring password is required.

Fixed dialling — to restrict your outgoing calls to selected phone numbers if supported

by your SIM card. When the fixed dialling is on, GPRS connections are not possible except

while sending text messages over a GPRS connection. In this case, the recipient’s phone

number and the message centre number must be included in the fixed dialling list.

Closed user group — to specify a group of people whom you can call and who can call

you (network service)

Security level — to request the security code whenever a new SIM card is inserted into

the phone, select



Access codes — to change the security code, PIN code, UPIN code, PIN2 code, or barring


PIN2 code request — to select whether the PIN2 code is required when using a specific

phone feature which is protected by the PIN2 code. Some SIM cards do not allow the

code request to be turned off. This option may not be available depending on your SIM

card. For details, contact your network operator.

Code in use — to select the type of PIN code

Authority certificates or User certificates — to view the list of the authority or user

certificates downloaded into your phone.

See "Browser security", p. 44.

Security module sett. — to view Secur. module details, activate

Module PIN


, or change the module PIN and signing PIN.

See "Access codes", p. 5.