Nokia 6700 Classic - Phone

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and from the following:

Language settings — to set the language of your phone, select

Phone language


a language. To set the language of your phone according to the information on the SIM

card, select

Phone language




Memory status — to check the memory consumption

Automatic keyguard — to lock the keypad automatically after a preset time delay

when the phone is in the home screen mode and no function has been used

Security keyguard — to ask for the security code when you unlock the keyguard

Sensor settings — to activate and adjust the tapping function

Voice recognition

See "Voice commands", p. 34.

Flight query — to be asked whether to use the flight mode when you switch the phone

on. With the flight mode, all radio connections are switched off.

Phone updates — to receive software updates from your service provider (network

service). This option may not be available, depending on your phone.

See "Software

updates over the air", p. 35.

Settings 33

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Network mode — to use both the UMTS and the GSM network. You cannot access this

option during an active call.

Operator selection — to set a cellular network available in your area

Help text activation — to select whether the phone shows help texts

Start-up tone — to play a tone when you switch the phone on