Nokia 6700 Classic - Call

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and from the following:

Call divert — to divert your incoming calls (network service). You may not be able to

divert your calls if some call barring functions are active.

See "Security", p. 36.

Anykey answer — to answer an incoming call by briefly pressing any key, except the

power key, the left and right selection keys, or the end key

Automatic redial — to automatically redial the number if a call fails. The phone tries

to call the number 10 times.

Voice clarity — to enhance speech intelligibility, especially in noisy environments

Speed dialling — to dial the names and phone numbers assigned to the number keys

(2-9) by pressing and holding the corresponding number key

Call waiting — to have the network notify you of an incoming call while you have a

call in progress (network service)

Call duration display — to display the duration of the call in progress

Summary after call — to briefly display the approximate duration after each call

Send my caller ID — to show your phone number to the person you are calling (network

service). To use the setting agreed upon with your service provider, select

Set by



Outgoing call line — to select the phone line for making calls, if your SIM card supports

multiple phone lines (network service)