Nokia 6700 Classic - Set up mail

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Set up mail

You can sign in to an existing mail account or set up a new Ovi Mail account.







22 Messaging

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Sign in to your mail account

1 Select your mail service provider.

2 Enter your account ID and password.

3 If you do not want to enter your password every time, save the password.

4 Select

Sign In


To sign in to an additional mail account, select

Add account


Set up Ovi Mail

If you do not already have a mail account, you can create a Nokia account, which includes

the Ovi Mail service.
1 Select

Get Ovi Mail


2 Follow the instructions on the display.
Once you have created your new Nokia account, you can sign in to the Ovi Mail service

and start sending and receiving mail. You can also use the account to sign into other

Ovi services, such as IM. For more information, see